Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A New home for my Fox Terrier, Hero

This is Hero.....and this is his story.
One evening last October we were unloading our new woodstove from our pickup truck and upon returning to close the doors, we noticed a little black and white fur ball curled up on the front seat. Who are you, I chuckled, and what are you doing here??? To which he had no immediate reply. I tenderly hoisted him into my arms and brought him inside just to stay one night until I could find out who he belonged to. We scoured the neighborhood asking several folks if they knew who his owners were. No one seemed to know. We took him to the vet's office to see if he was microchipped. We took him to the local police station to see if anyone had reported him missing. But we could not find out who had lost this little 10 month old seemingly pure bred Smooth haired Fox Terrier. And he didn't seem unusually upset about not being with his rightful owners. He made himself right at home, curling up on the couch, snuggling in the kids' laps, scurrying after my freaked out cats! Well, as you can see, one night turned into one year and then another! We found out later that he had been abandoned in our neighborhood by the dad of one of the kids in my son's class.
Since that day in October, we have been trying to find a home for Hero since we already had at the time, a 10 month old Black Lab, Tilly. But Hero has remained without a permanent home and has yet to be claimed by anyone who could adopt him. But I know what you are thinking....... He already has a permanent home with you. It would indeed seem that way, as I have coddled him, trained him and fed him for the last 18 months, but I cannot keep him any longer.
Hero doesn't seem to like little kids too much. He has nipped at a couple, including my grand daughter, so I cannot have him around them at all. It's not that he is vicious or anything. I think they just scare him. He would do better in a home without children under 10 or so. Tilly and Hero are the best of friends, and it is not easy for me to separate them, but I have to consider that the consequences of keeping him around the grandkids encourages a situation that might have a worse outcome than just finding him a new home.
So, this blog is one long classified ad to see if anyone out there knows anyone that would like to adopt this precious pup and give him a new family in which he can live. I have researched Fox Terriers on the internet and experts of this breed recommend that they be placed in homes without small children. Hero will make a wonderful companion to someone, I just would love to find that someone soon because I may have to send him to the shelter, which I definitely do not want to do! Any takers?

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