Friday, April 18, 2008

What's with the Weather!

One moment we are in 85 degree weather, the guys are climbing into kayaks with out shirts; then the next thing we know the snow level is going to drop to 1000 ft. this weekend! So much for the nice spring days! The blossoms on the fruit trees will not be happy. They will shrivel up and fall off. I seem to remember that this happens in Humboldt County. One day can be gorgeous with warm breezes blowing and the next will be driving sleet and hail! Sometimes that can happen all in the same day; I've seen that too! While I am sitting here next to my woodstove enjoying its warmth, I will reminisce about last weekend and anticipate the beautiful sunny days
to come.

Until then, I can watch video. When the weather gets this nice, the kayaks come out! This is Nate and Lane going for a trip up the river to escape the kids for a while! They were gone for an hour or more and we were all thinking that they must have gone a long way. Well, turns out they only went a couple hundred yards or so up river and we spotted them sitting on the opposite shore sipping a cold brew! Notice the pastey white Humboldt skin on everyone! It is only April, so the winter white skin is pretty blinding! I will spare you the video of them close up climbing into the Kayaks! Sorry, guys. I will leave you with this much cuter video.

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  1. That IS definitely organic soup!!!