Monday, April 14, 2008

Friday Nights in Ferndale

Every Friday night a group of us meet in Ferndale for a great dinner, fellowship and a study in the Word. We are currently watching a video feed of the weekly sermon from Mars Hill Church out of Seattle preached by Pastor Mark Driscoll. In the above photos, Nate, Lane and Aaron enjoy a freshly brewed cup of Storyville coffee. Michele, Jo, and Dallass cook up a fabulous meal for all to enjoy before we sit down to watch the video feed. The building where we meet is an old church that has been fully restored. It is such a beautiful spot to come together to enjoy the presence of God and to grow in knowledge and wisdom. You can find out more about this weekly study by going to This website


  1. Great pictures showing what we do best at Friday Nights. But...its Storyville, not storybook! :) Love ya!!

  2. And hey! I seem to remember you wearing an apron in the kitchen as well!!

  3. Yes, I was there cooking as well, but you all are much more cute in your aprons! There is so much more that goes on to make this fabulous evening possible; namely, Martin, Alison, the Phelps and others. Many thanks to all.