Monday, April 07, 2008

Knitting Socks

For the last couple of years I have been learning how to knit various articles of clothing mostly out of my own homespun wool. Recently I came across this great pattern at for knitting socks. The pattern is called "Two at once, Toe-up sock." The goal here is to finish the project with both socks being the same size and shape because you knit them side by side with the same stitch tension and whatnot. Here is a photo of my project so far. This is the toe end of the sock so now I just have to keep knitting until I reach the heel area. This pattern has what's called an "afterthought Heel." Let me explain the concept of the Afterthought heel. A separate yarn is used to stitch in a section of the "tube" (sock) which is later taken out and replaced when you go back and knit the heel. In this way, when the heel of the sock wears out, like they often do, you can replace it with new yarn by just removing the afterthought heel section that is holey. I hope that makes some sort of sense. I find it very practical since most of the time the heel is the very first thing that goes out on my socks. This is a great way to prolong the life of a favorite pair! So when I finish them, I will post a photo of them on my feet!

Isn't this the cutest knitting bag? My creative DIL made it for me for a christmas gift. Notice all the little needle holders on the sides of the bag. It also has a flat bottom so it sits up quite nicely.

Update: The socks just kept getting bigger ( I guess I increased too much!) so instead of making a size 15 sock, I decided to discontinue making socks and am now knitting two little baby hats! My first thought of course, was that maybe someone I know will be having twins in the near future and I can give the hats to them, but ....Anyway, I will begin a new set of socks soon and I will try to increase less and knit tighter! I will update later.

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  1. I think I have a great solution for the knotty problem... I need a motorcycle cover. The "twin" portion that you have started can cover the handlebars, so just KEEP ON KNITTING! mark