Friday, April 25, 2008

A Setting Sun

This community of ours in Humboldt is quite small. Our lives are intertwined in ways that surprise many of us. Families that have been here for several generations find that they know just about everyone. Husband and I have been here for 25 yrs. and we find that over the years our path has crossed with lots of different folks in lots of different ways. Gus and I meet lots of people through his job with the county. On a regular basis he has job related situations with the political powers that be here in Humboldt. One of those political persons was a man named Roger Rodoni. Roger was a man of strong political opinions and served 3 terms with the county as a Supervisor developing those opinions into realities. He was a man of integrity, quick wit and, while bristly at times, a ready word on his tongue. Roger was killed last evening in a car accident. While on his way to a local fundraiser for his bid for another term, he was struck head on by a car that had crossed over the median. Such a difficult tragedy for his family to endure. As difficult as this is to comprehend, today I find out that the woman whose car struck Roger's is also an acquaintance of ours. This gal lived in the same area we did a few years ago and we went to church together. She is not someone who would be irresponsible and uncaring. She also is a woman of integrity and kindness. Please, please pray for all of these people involved in this horrible situation. By God's grace may they endure the days that lie ahead.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful post...It's right and good to be connected to one's community.. and even to strive to expand those connections and share the community... but it does open us to more sorrow. mark