Sunday, January 31, 2010

One never knows how a story will go...

A few years ago, a posted a story about a little dog named Hero. Just for a little refresher, you can link over to this post and this or this for the details. Upon hearing how handsome "Hero's" new owner was, daughter Reebs decided to follow up on the adoption, just to be sure the dog went to a good home and to say her goodbyes. She emailed the young man who gladly agreed to meet with her. She called me later to tell me that they spent 3 full hours together talking about more than just the dog! One meeting led to another and now the two shall become one..... Reebs and Cam have become engaged and will soon be married.

They are so happy and so are we. Cam is a great guy and will be a wonderful husband for my beautiful darling girl.
So here is Rex's (aka Hero) "new" family. He and Tilly get to romp and play together frequently which makes Tilly very happy!!

Here's Rex hanging out with us while we play board games. He's a cool little dude and I for one am glad that he jumped into our truck looking for a new home that day.


  1. Congratulations D Clan, Cameron is a great guy. I think though, Hero was upset at being ousted and found a way to instigate the whole affair.

  2. Thanks, Annette and Downey family: I promise to take great care of your precious one. She is absolute love and grace...and I cherish her.